A Fixie Bike Fixation

| 03/24/2012 | Comments

Up until this day, my loyalty remains with fixed gear bicycles. Many of my cycling buddies would tease me about my fixie bike fixation and would urge me to get a multiple speed bike.

A Fixie Bike Fixation

My heart truly belongs to a fixie and it seems that no matter how many people would point out to me the pitfalls of a fixie and the advantages of a multiple speed bike, my loyalty only grows stronger. I can’t say for sure why I love a fixie bike so much. As with anything a fixie bike comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. But I embrace everything there is about a fixie and I am quite happy with it. I may have a hard time riding up a hill with no other gear to shift to but I welcome this challenge. I love pushing myself and I revel in the moment that I was able to ride up a hill with just my perseverance, focus and strength without the interference of a gear shift. Learn more about the fixie bike. Read the whole article here!

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