A Cool Toy for Your Kid’s Bike!

| 04/18/2012 | Comments

A Cool Toy for Your Kid's Bike! When I was a kid I used to draw a lot or rather doodle a lot. I love coloured chalks, pens, crayons and anything that I can use in my doodling. I doodled in papers, walls and pavements. My mother never liked the idea of the walls of our homes having lines and doodles in different colours. Up until now my doodle art still remains on her walls.

Why am I talking about doodling and not cycling? Well, a very interesting toy is out in the market today and kids would definitely love it. Chalktrail allows your kids to draw patterns while they are pushing on the pedals of their bicycles. This toy definitely spells or rather doodles fun! The “Chalktrail” is easy to install and you would not even need any tool to install it on your kid’s bike. If you are a kid at heart, maybe you can get this toy for your own bike as well. Another plus factor is that the chunk of chalk is non-toxic and washable. Check out the “Chalktrail”. Read the whole article here!

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