Fenders My Dear!

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As a newbie to the cycling world, I often would be asking questions that most of the time I’d look stupid. That’s pretty okay with me as I am a firm believer of he (or she) who asks may look stupid but he (or she) who does not ask remains stupid. So pardon me for my lack of knowledge as I am new to most things related to biking and bicycles.

Fenders My Dear!

I ride my bike almost all the time and one rainy day, a fellow cyclist (who was a kind stranger) mentioned to me that I should get a fender. I, of course replied with all innocence with the question “what’s that”? He was kind enough to explain to me that fenders protect bicycle parts from rain and slush. Plus as he pointed out to my shoes and the bottom of my jeans, he said “fenders would mean no more of that”. I saw that my shoes and the bottom of my jeans were redesigned with slush. He motioned to his bike and tapped the thing which looked like a roof over the wheels and said, these are fenders. Get to know more on fenders. Read the whole article here!

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