Spring Comfort and Fashion for Women Cycling the City

| 02/28/2012 | Comments

Rapha brings in Wonderful news for all women cycling the city streets! If you are not too familiar with Rapha, this is a cycling apparel and accessories maker from Great Britain. Women would love the various cycling clothing designed exclusively for women who ride their bikes in city streets.

Spring Comfort and Fashion for Women Cycling the City

For their 2012 Spring and Summer collection, all you, biker ladies would love the cycling sweater made from wool that would make your spring ride more comfortable. Of course there are many treasures to be found in Rapha’s recently released Spring and Summer collection for 2012.

All you men out there should not be too jealous as Rapha did not cut you out from their thoughts. They also have clothing designed specifically to meet the needs of men riding the city streets. It is indeed great to see that the fashion industry is recognising cyclists all over the world and designing clothes that would give utmost comfort and an undeniable fashion sense to bikers. To get to know more about Rapha’s sweater for women or their spring and summer lookbook read the whole article here!

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