Too Picky?

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Ever been called OC (obsessive compulsive), perfectionist or too picky by your wife or your friends when it comes to getting necessities and accessories for your bike and bike tours?

Too Picky?

I admit that I pick out carefully the things I need to bring when I ride my bike or when I do a tour. I make sure that I stay comfortable and most importantly safe all throughout my ride. For example, I have a water bottle for my daily rides and I have a water bottle for my tours. In tours, I would be needing more water as I would be on the road for days. I make sure that I have a bigger water bottle than what I bring on my short distance rides. This way I keep myself hydrated. I of course consider the practicality of things. For example, I know I can’t bring a 5-gallon water container in any of my rides. How in the world would I be able to haul such a heavy weight on my bike? I came across these attractive water bottles online. They seem really practical. Check them out and get to see the photos. Read the whole article here!

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