Cycling the Concrete Jungle of New York in Wintertime

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Many people complain about the cold season and cycling enthusiasts are no exception. I am not saying that all cyclists dread the winter season but there are several bikers who even give their bikes a rest when the winter season hits. You probably know one or two fellow cyclists who hibernate during the winter season.

Cycling the Concrete Jungle of New York in Wintertime

I, myself do not ride that often during the colder months. The weather is just too inviting to stay under the covers. I know I am guilty of not pushing myself more to ride when the temperature drops. Of course, I pay the tough price every time spring comes around just like now.

There are of course some cyclists who love to ride especially during the cold season. I came across the article entitled “savoring the Joys of Winter Cycling in New York City. It’s very interesting to know that a busy city like New York becomes a quiet and ideal town to tour for many cycling enthusiasts of the city that never sleeps. Get to know the streets of New York during the winter time! Read the whole article here!

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