Honour Thy Mother

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In some parts of the world women are still not being given the same regard, respect and freedom as men.

Honour Thy Mother

Somewhere in the world today a woman is being denied her right to free will, free speech, freedom to vote, freedom to happiness, freedom to drive a car, access to education and many more of the freedom that many of us enjoy. This is a sad reality. Even in several modern cities and so called advanced nations, women are still not seen and treated as equals of men. But we can do something about this. We can start with ourselves. We should not be too proud and see ourselves as better than others. We should learn how to treat each other with respect no matter what our gender may be. Despite of our differences, the truth remains the same. We are all human beings. It’s great to see that the cycling world is honouring women. This coming Mother’s Day, May 13th, get on your bike and encourage others to join you in a ride honouring mothers and women all over the world. Be a leader in your community and organise a cycling tour for women. Read the whole article here!

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