Majorca is a Dreamy Land for Bikers

| 04/04/2012 | Comments

Is there a place that is very ideal for cycling enthusiasts? This question may have been asked by every single passionate cyclist in the world.

Majorca is a Dreamy Land for Bikers

We, cyclists all dream of a place where the streets are safe for riding, where bikers don’t get honked at endlessly, threatened hollered at and what not. We picture and long for a place where other motorists especially those driving large vehicles are kind enough and respectful enough to keep a safe distance from bikers. Oh such is the dream of ordinary bikers especially those living in a very busy city. The fight for safer streets for bikers continues and until then we can only dream of a place tailored for two-wheel riders. But apparently, this dreamy place already exists! Ever heard of Majorca? I was so thrilled to read this write up describing how Majorca is a slice of heaven for cyclists. I am definitely going to visit for a ride this spring. Get to know more about Majorca! Read the whole article here!

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