Why Ride to Work?

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Have you considered cycling going to work? Or if you are a student, have you thought of riding a bike instead of driving a car? You should consider this option seriously most especially if your workplace or school is not too far away.

Why Ride to Work?

When you bike, you exercise your body. Your heart and lungs become stronger and your body more resistant to illnesses. This translates to lesser times you have to call in sick therefore more money in your pocket. We all know how expensive doctors’ fees, hospital care and medications are these days. For students if you are rarely sick, you have to rejoice in the fact that you won’t have to catch up so much on lessons missed. The best part of going to work on your bike is that you are helping save the environment! Riding a bike is also now becoming a big hit and people consider it being hip and cool. Read this article about a hip and cool cyclist in New York City! Read the whole article here!

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