Don’t Let Your Fear of Busy Streets Stop You from Cycling

| 03/29/2012 | Comments

Don't Let Your Fear of Busy Streets Stop You from Cycling It is quite scary to ride your bicycle out in busy streets. This is often what rookies of cycling would feel especially those planning to become a commuting cyclist.

Streets today are packed with cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles and one can feel vulnerable being on the saddle of a bike. But this fear should never stop you from riding your bike and using it as a means of transportation. With more people lobbying for safer streets for cycling, changes are happening in streets and roads in nations all over the world. The more people use their bikes, the more voices are shouting for safer streets for bikers and eventually these voices in chorus will be heard and changes would happen. For safer riding experience in the street, you yourself will be a factor. Be always alert and follow rules. Don’t let your fears get in the way of enjoying bike rides. Keep on riding and inspire others to ride too. Here’s an interesting piece about an inspiring cyclist in New York city. Read the whole article here!

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