Even Movie Stars Love Cycling

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Hollywood has always had a flair with bicycles. It’s great to see famous people on the saddle of bicycles. I believe this can influence more people to start riding again. For many generations, ever since the silverscreen came about and eventually ruled our lives, movie stars had been copied by the youth and even the older generation. We can fairly say that we have been influenced a lot by movies. I’d say that movies brought along both the good and not so good influences.

Even Movie Stars Love Cycling

With the advent of televisions, cable TV and the internet, celebrities feel so close. We have this tendency to hold celebrities and movie stars in a very high pedestal and they become our role models. We copy the way they dress, we learn some of their mannerisms, what they eat, drink and many more. Hopefully many would copy movie stars on their bicycles.

Cycling is hip and cool. You’re saving money, keeping your body healthy and most especially you’re saving the planet. More and more celebrities are riding their bikes today and hopefully more will follow their example. Read more about and see photos of hollywood stars on bicycles. Read the whole article here!

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