How’s Cycling in New York City?

| 03/15/2012 | Comments

Is cycling on the street more like an episode of the reality game show Survivor? At some point, I’d answer yes. You would have to do some outwitting, outplaying and outlasting someone else. Someone else being other motorists. If you were born and raised in New York city, you would know that chaos is all round you. You live and breathe chaos everyday. Streets are busy, people come in and out of doors and everything seems to go so fast. This is how things go.

How's Cycling in New York City?

I recently went back to cycling and just became a cycling commuter. I have to say that at first I wasn’t too confident being out in busy streets with speeding cars and trucks while I am on my bicycle. I felt more on the vulnerable side. After sometime of riding and after reading safety bike commuting tips as well as talking to other cyclists on the road, I felt more confident in myself and felt relatively safer. There are still much to be worked on to make streets safer for cycling but I am quite happy about more people asking for the same. Read the whole article here discussing cycling in New York City.

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