Is the World Becoming More Bike-Friendly?

| 03/24/2012 | Comments

Looking at how the world is taking cycling more seriously and the growing number of people who are going back on the saddles of their bikes, there really is much to be happy about.

Is the World Becoming More Bike-Friendly?

Of course, there are still tons of work to be done and we should not be complacent about the results we’ve come up with especially on road safety. However we should take the time to appreciate the positive changes that passionate cyclists have made all around the world. More people are rallying behind the call for safer roads for bikers and supporting the more environment-friendly commutting which is on the saddle of the bike. Authorities of different nations are taking action and some cities have already included bike lanes in their road plans. Some countries are even using their bike-friendliness as a way to lure in more tourists and this is smart to do so as many cyclists would prefer to travel to nations that allow them to ride and provide safety while doing so. Great news from the capital of the U.S. A capital bike share kiosk is a strong indication how popular cycling is in Washington D.C. Read the whole article here!

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