Let Bikes Roll Back into City Streets

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Having been living in a major city for quite some time now, in fact about 23 years now, I sometimes miss the quiet and simplicity of the small town where I was born and spent the first 15 years of my life.

Let Bikes Roll Back into City Streets

As most small towns, the bicycles are the stars of the road in my hometown. Although almost all families own a car, most of us prefer to be on the saddles of our bikes. Unlike here in the city where the streets are dominated with many hot headed motorists, the roads in my hometown back in my childhood days often had oldies and youngsters pushing the pedals of their bikes. The oldies would be usually doing a leisure riding, enjoying the breeze, the sun, the sights and the relaxing ambience. The young ones would usually be riding fast racing each other. But I remember that we would slow down our pedalling when we pass by our elderly and say hello to them. Oh how I wish for such a scene in the city. But bikes are rolling back into city streets. Check out the bike sharing system in Barcelona. Read the whole article here!

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