Movie Night-in!

| 02/29/2012 | Comments

Movie Night-in! Ahhh! A movie night in! Such idea is perfect especially when the weather is still cold. Although spring is just days away and the world will be filled with lovely colours the cold temperature still sets the mood for romance and snuggling. For couples who are very enthusiastic about cycling, this time of the year calls for a little movie night. Of course even the single bikers can enjoy this treat.

This time of the year classic movies featuring bicycles are beckoning to be played once again. With evenings still cold, many bikers would choose to stay in and stay warm. So pop some popcorn in the oven, dim out the lights and hit play. If you have someone special with you, it’s time to play Casanova and speak of romance by treating your loved one to an intimate movie night in. Don’t feel too sad, if you are solo at this time, just relax and enjoy the movies! So do you know any movie featuring bicycles? There’s actually quite a lot of them and these movies are great! Read the whole article here for the list of bike movies!

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